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Clique series
0. Charmed and dangerous - HARRISON, LISI
1. The clique - HARRISON, LISI
2. Best friends for never - HARRISON, LISI
3. Revenge of the wannabes - HARRISON, LISI
4. Invasion of the boy snatchers - HARRISON, LISI
5. The Pretty Committee strikes back - HARRISON, LISI
6. Dial L for loser - HARRISON, LISI
7. It's not easy being mean - HARRISON, LISI
8. Sealed with a diss - HARRISON, LISI
9. Bratfest at Tiffany's - HARRISON, LISI
10. P.S. I loathe you - HARRISON, LISI
11. Boys "r" us - HARRISON, LISI
12. These boots are made for stalking - HARRISON, LISI
13. My little phony - HARRISON, LISI
14. A tale of two pretties - HARRISON, LISI
Del Rio Bay clique series
1. So not the drama - CHASE-HYMAN, PAULA
2. Don't get it twisted - CHASE-HYMAN, PAULA
3. That's what's up - CHASE-HYMAN, PAULA
4. Who are you wit' - CHASE-HYMAN, PAULA
5. Flipping the script - CHASE-HYMAN, PAULA
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