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Bronwyn charmed series
1. Charmed and dangerous  - HAVENS, CANDACE
2. Charmed and ready - HAVENS, CANDACE
3. Charmed and deadly - HAVENS, CANDACE
4. Like a charm - HAVENS, CANDACE
Charmed Amish life series
1. A son's vow - GRAY, SHELLEY SHEPARD
2. A daughter's dream - GRAY, SHELLEY SHEPARD
3. A sister's wish - GRAY, SHELLEY SHEPARD
4. An Amish family Christmas - GRAY, SHELLEY SHEPARD
Charmed and dangerous series
Charmed life series
1. So not happening - JONES, JENNY B.
2. I'm so sure - JONES, JENNY B.
3. So over my head - JONES, JENNY B.
Charmed life series
1. Caitlin's lucky charm - SCHROEDER, LISA
2. Mia's golden bird - SCHROEDER, LISA
3. Libby's sweet surprise - SCHROEDER, LISA
4. Hannah's bright star - SCHROEDER, LISA
Charmed Pie Shoppe series
Charmed series
1. The power of three - BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
2. Kiss of darkness - ALEXANDER, BRANDON
3. The crimson spell - GOLDSBOROUGH, F.; BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
4. Whispers from the past - NOONAN, ROSALIND
5. Voodoo moon - BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
6. Haunted by desire - BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
7. The gypsy enchantment - JABLONSKI, CARLA
8. The legacy of Merlin - FLOOD, E. L.; BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
10. Beware what you wish - BURGE, CONSTANCE M.; GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
12. Spirit of the wolf - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
13. Garden of evil - HARRISON, EMMA
14. Date with death - LENHARD, ELIZABETH
15. Dark vengeance - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
16. Shadow of the Sphinx - JABLONSKI, CARLA
17. Something wiccan this way comes - HARRISON, EMMA
18. Mist and stone - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
19. Mirror image - MARIOTTE, JEFF
20. Between worlds - WEISS, BOBBI J. G.
21. Truth and consequences - DOKEY, CAMERON
22. Luck be a lady - CIENCIN, SCOTT
23. Inherit the witch - BURNS, LAURA J.
24. Seasons of the witch - BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
25. A tale of two Pipers - HARRISON, EMMA
26. The brewing storm - RUDITIS, PAUL; BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
27. Survival of the fittest - MARIOTTE, JEFF
28. Pied Piper - VIGUIE, DEBBIE
29. Mystic knoll - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
30. Changeling places - OSTOW, MICOL
31. The Warren witches - BURGE, CONSTANCE M.
32. The queen's curse - HARRISON, EMMA
33. Picture perfect - DOKEY, CAMERON
34. Demon doppelgangers - ELLIOT, GREG
35. Hurricane hex - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
36. As Puck would have it - RUDITIS, PAUL
37. Sweet talkin' demon - BURNS, LAURA J.
38. Light of the world - CIENCIN, SCOTT
39. House of shards - OSTOW, MICOL
40. Phoebe who? - HARRISON, EMMA
41. High spirits - CIENCIN, SCOTT
42. Leo rising - RUDITIS, PAUL
43. Trickery treat - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
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