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Adventures of Benny and Watch series
1. Meet the Boxcar Children - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
2. A present for Grandfather - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
3. Benny's new friend - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
4. The magic show mystery - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
5. Benny goes into business - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
6. Watch runs away - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
7. The secret under the tree - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
8. Benny's Saturday surprise - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
9. Sam makes trouble - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
10. Watch, the superdog - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
11. Keys and clues for Benny - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
12. Benny's boxcar sleepover - WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER
Benny Cooperman series
1. Suicide murders  - ENGEL, HOWARD
2. Ransom game  - ENGEL, HOWARD
3. Murder on location  - ENGEL, HOWARD
4. Murder sees the light  - ENGEL, HOWARD
5. City called July  - ENGEL, HOWARD
6. A victim must be found  - ENGEL, HOWARD
7. Getting away with murder - ENGEL, HOWARD
8. There was an old woman - ENGEL, HOWARD
9. Dead and buried - ENGEL, HOWARD
10. Cooperman variations - ENGEL, HOWARD
11. Memory book - ENGEL, HOWARD
Benny Griessel series
1. Devil's peak - MEYER, DEON
2. Thirteen hours - MEYER, DEON
3. Seven days - MEYER, DEON
4. Cobra - MEYER, DEON
Benny series
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