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Abbot Agency series
1. False charity - HELEY, VERONICA
2. False picture - HELEY, VERONICA
3. False step - HELEY, VERONICA
4. False pretences - HELEY, VERONICA
5. False money - HELEY, VERONICA
6. False report - HELEY, VERONICA
7. False alarm - HELEY, VERONICA
8. False diamond - HELEY, VERONICA
9. False impression - HELEY, VERONICA
10. False wall - HELEY, VERONICA
11. False fire - HELEY, VERONICA
12. False pride - HELEY, VERONICA
Agency series
Baby Ganesh Agency series
Belladonna agency series
Black hole travel agency series
1. Event horizon  - MCKINNEY, JACK
2. Artifact of the system  - MCKINNEY, JACK
3. Free radicals  - MCKINNEY, JACK
4. Hostile takeover  - MCKINNEY, JACK
Black Widow Agency series
Colby Agency series
1. Safe by his side - WEBB, DEBRA
2. The bodyguard's baby - WEBB, DEBRA
3. Protective custody - WEBB, DEBRA
4. Solitary soldier - WEBB, DEBRA
5. Personal protector - WEBB, DEBRA
6. Physical evidence - WEBB, DEBRA
7. The marriage prescription - WEBB, DEBRA
8. Contract bride - WEBB, DEBRA
9. Undercover wife - WEBB, DEBRA
10. Her hidden truth - WEBB, DEBRA
11. Guardian of the night - WEBB, DEBRA
12. Her secret alibi - WEBB, DEBRA
13. Keeping baby safe - WEBB, DEBRA
14. Guarding the heiress - WEBB, DEBRA
15. Cries in the night - WEBB, DEBRA
16. Striking distance - WEBB, DEBRA
17. Romancing the tycoon - WEBB, DEBRA
18. Agent cowboy - WEBB, DEBRA
19. Situation out of control - WEBB, DEBRA
20. Full exposure - WEBB, DEBRA
21. Colby conspiracy - WEBB, DEBRA
22. Investigating 101 - WEBB, DEBRA
23. Raw talent - WEBB, DEBRA
24. The hidden heir - WEBB, DEBRA
25. A Colby Christmas - WEBB, DEBRA
26. A soldier's oath - WEBB, DEBRA
27. Hostage situation - WEBB, DEBRA
28. Colby vs. Colby - WEBB, DEBRA
29. Colby rebuilt - WEBB, DEBRA
30. Guardian angel - WEBB, DEBRA
Debutante detective agency series
1. Deb on arrival - MOORE, LAURIE
2. Wanted Deb or alive - MOORE, LAURIE
3. Deb on air - MOORE, LAURIE
4. Dawn of the Deb - MOORE, LAURIE
Discreet retrieval agency series
1. Come hell or highball - CHANCE, MAIA
2. Teetotaled - CHANCE, MAIA
3. Gin and panic - CHANCE, MAIA
4. Naughty on ice - CHANCE, MAIA
Divine Private Detective Agency series
Ethical Chiang Mai Detective Agency series
Grimm Agency series
1. Free agent - NELSON, J. C.
2. Armageddon rules - NELSON, J. C.
3. Wish bound - NELSON, J. C.
Little lady agency series
Lungi Detetctive Agency series
1. Family business - LEWIN, MICHAEL Z.
2. Family planning - LEWIN, MICHAEL Z.
3. Family way - LEWIN, MICHAEL Z.
Magical animal adoption agency series
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series
1. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
2. Tears of the giraffe - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
3. Morality for beautiful girls - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
4. The Kalahari typing school for men - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
5. The full cupboard of life - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
6. In the company of cheerful ladies - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
7. Blue shoes and happiness - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
8. The good husband of Zebra Drive - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
9. The miracle at Speedy Motors - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
10. Tea time for the traditionally built - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
11. The double comfort safari club - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
12. The Saturday big tent wedding party - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
13. The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
14. The minor adjustment beauty salon - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
15. The handsome man's deluxe cafe - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
16. The woman who walked in sunshine - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
17. Precious and Grace - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
18. The house of unexpected sisters - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
19. The colors of all the cattle - MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER
Starlight Detective Agency series
1. Murder in the 11th house  - LEWIS, MITCHELL SCOTT
2. Death in the 12th house - LEWIS, MITCHELL SCOTT
3. Evil in the first house - LEWIS, MITCHELL SCOTT
Touchstone agency series
Underworld Detection Agency series
1. Under wraps - JAYNE, HANNAH
2. Under attack - JAYNE, HANNAH
3. Under suspicion - JAYNE, HANNAH
4. Under the gun - JAYNE, HANNAH
5. Under a spell - JAYNE, HANNAH
6. Under the final moon - JAYNE, HANNAH
Whodunit Detective Agency series
1. The diamond mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
2. The hotel mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
3. The circus mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
4. The cafe mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
5. The mummy mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
6. The swimming pool mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
7. The movie theater mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
8. The gold mystery - WIDMARK, MARTIN
WISE Enquiries Agency series
Wollstonecraft detective agency series
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