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Adventures of Kate series
Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley series
New adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley series
1. The case of the 202 clues - ALEXANDER, NINA
2. The case of the ballet bandit - O'NEIL, LAURA
3. The case of the blue-ribbon horse - SWOBUD, I. K.
4. The case of the haunted camp - ALEXANDER, NINA
5. The case of the Wild Wolf River - KATSCHKE, JUDY
6. The case of the rock and roll mystery - EISENBERG, LISA
7. The case of the missing mummy - LANTZ, FRANCESS LIN
8. The case of the surprise call - METZ, MELINDA
9. The case of the disappearing princess - EISENBERG, LISA
10. The case of the great elephant escape - DOOLITTLE, JUNE
11. The case of the summer camp caper - KATSCHKE, JUDY
12. The case of the surfing secret - DUBOWSKI, CATHY EAST
13. The case of the green ghost - ELLIS, CAROL
14. The case of the Big Scare Mountain mystery - ELLIS, CAROL
15. The case of the slam dunk mystery - DUBOWSKI, CATHY EAST
16. The case of the rock star's secret - METZ, MELINDA
17. The case of the cheerleading camp mystery - FIEDLER, LISA
18. The case of the flying phantom - METZ, MELINDA
19. The case of the creepy castle - KATSCHKE, JUDY
20. The case of the golden slipper - METZ, MELINDA
21. The case of the Flapper Napper - KATSCHKE, JUDY
22. The case of the high seas secret - LEONHARDT, ALICE
23. The case of the Logical I Ranch - PREISS, PAULINE
24. The case of the dog camp mystery - KATSCHKE, JUDY
25. The case of the screaming scarecrow - KATSCHKE, JUDY
26. The case of the jingle bell jinx - LEONHARDT, ALICE
27. The case of the game show mystery - THOMAS, JIM
28. The case of the mall mystery - LEONHARDT, ALICE
29. The case of the weird science mystery - KATSCHKE, JUDY
30. The case of Camp Crooked Lake - ELLIS, CAROL
31. The case of the giggling ghost - METZ, MELINDA
32. The case of the candy cane clue - KATSCHKE, JUDY
33. The case of the Hollywood who-done-it - METZ, MELINDA
34. The case of the sundae surprise - METZ, MELINDA
35. The case of Clue's circus caper - KATSCHKE, JUDY
36. The case of Camp Pom-Pom - ALEXANDER, HEATHER
37. The case of the tattooed cat - ALEXANDER, HEATHER
38. The case of the Nutcracker Ballet - STINE, MEGAN
39. The case of the clue at the zoo - KATSCHKE, JUDY
40. The case of the Easter egg race - ALEXANDER, HEATHER
41. The case of the dog show mystery - METZ, MELINDA
42. The case of the cheerleading tattletale - CARROLL, JACQUELINE
43. The case of the haunted maze - KAYE, MARILYN
44. The case of the hidden holiday riddle - WARICHA, JEAN
45. The case of the Icy Igloo Inn - KATSCHKE, JUDY
46. The case of the unicorn mystery - ALEXANDER, HEATHER
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