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Academy series
Academy series
Academy series
Amazing adventures from Zoom's Academy series
Archangel academy series
1. Unnatural - GRIFFO, MICHAEL
2. Unwelcome - GRIFFO, MICHAEL
3. Unafraid - GRIFFO, MICHAEL
Arkwell Academy series
Astronaut Academy series
Baker Street academy series
Bard Academy series
Delcroix Academy series
Dragon slayers' academy series
1. The new kid at school - MCMULLAN, KATE
2. Revenge of the dragon lady - MCMULLAN, KATE
3. Class trip to the Cave of Doom - MCMULLAN, KATE
4. A wedding for Wiglaf - MCMULLAN, KATE
5. Knight for a day - MCMULLAN, KATE
6. Sir Lancelot, where are you - MCMULLAN, KATE
7. Wheel of misfortune - MCMULLAN, KATE
8. Countdown to the year 1000 - MCMULLAN, KATE
9. 97 ways to train a dragon - MCMULLAN, KATE
10. Help, it's Parents Day at DSA - MCMULLAN, KATE
11. Danger, wizard at work - MCMULLAN, KATE
12. The ghost of Sir Herbert Dungeonstone - MCMULLAN, KATE
13. Beware, it's Friday the 13th - MCMULLAN, KATE
14. Pig Latin, not just for pigs - MCMULLAN, KATE
15. Double dragon trouble - MCMULLAN, KATE
16. World's oldest living dragon - MCMULLAN, KATE
17. Hail, hail, Camp Dragononka - MCMULLAN, KATE
18. Never trust a troll - MCMULLAN, KATE
19. Little giant-- big trouble - MCMULLAN, KATE
20. School's out...forever! - MCMULLAN, KATE
Enchanted pony academy series
1. All that glitters - SCOTT, LISA ANN
2. Wings that shine - SCOTT, LISA ANN
3. Let it glow - SCOTT, LISA ANN
4. Dreams that sparkle - SCOTT, LISA ANN
Explorer academy series
Fairy godmother academy series
1. Birdie's book - BOZARTH, JAN
2. Kerka's book - BOZARTH, JAN
3. Zally's book - BOZARTH, JAN
4. Lilu's book - BOZARTH, JAN
5. Sumi's book - BOZARTH, JAN
6. Trinity's book - BOZARTH, JAN
Fallen academy series
Fashion academy series
1. Fashion academy - BERK, SHERYL; BERK, CARRIE
2. Runway ready - BERK, SHERYL; BERK, CARRIE
3. Designer drama - BERK, SHERYL; BERK, CARRIE
4. Model madness - BERK, SHERYL; BERK, CARRIE
5. Fashion face-off - BERK, SHERYL; BERK, CARRIE
Knightley Academy series
LEGO nexo knights: knights academy series
Minecrafters academy series
1. Zombie invasion - MORGAN, WINTER
2. Skeleton battle - MORGAN, WINTER
3. Battle in the Overworld - MORGAN, WINTER
4. Attack on minecrafters academy - MORGAN, WINTER
5. Hidden in the chest - MORGAN, WINTER
Munchem academy series
Mythos Academy series
1. Touch of frost - ESTEP, JENNIFER
2. Kiss of frost - ESTEP, JENNIFER
3. Dark frost - ESTEP, JENNIFER
4. Crimson frost - ESTEP, JENNIFER
5. Midnight frost - ESTEP, JENNIFER
6. Killer frost - ESTEP, JENNIFER
Nightmare Academy series
Pennyroyal academy series
Princess academy series
PSI fighter academy series
Royal Academy Rebels series
Skyship Academy series
Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys series
2. Curse of the bizarro beetle - BERRY, JULIE GARDNER; GARDNER, SALLY FAYE
3. The colossal fossil freakout - BERRY, JULIE GARDNER; GARDNER, SALLY FAYE
4. The trouble with squids - BERRY, JULIE GARDNER; GARDNER, SALLY FAYE
Star of the Sea Academy series
Star Trek: next generation: Starfleet Academy series
1. Worf's first adventure - DAVID, PETER
2. Line of fire - DAVID, PETER
3. Survival - DAVID, PETER
4. Capture the flag - VORNHOLT, JOHN
5. Atlantis Station - MITCHELL, V. E.
6. Mystery of the missing crew - FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN
7. Secret of the lizard people - FRIEDMAN, MICHAEL JAN
8. Starfall - STRICKLAND, BRAD
9. Nova command - STRICKLAND, BRAD
11. Crossfire - VORNHOLT, JOHN
12. Breakaway - WEISS, BOBBI J. G.
13. Haunted starship - FERGUSON, BRAD
14. Deceptions - WEISS, BOBBI J. G.
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series
1. Crisis on Vulcan - STRICKLAND, BRAD
2. Aftershock - VORNHOLT, JOHN
3. Cadet Kirk - CAREY, DIANE
Star Trek: The academy series
Star Trek: Voyager: Starfleet Academy series
1. Lifeline - WEISS, BOBBI J. G.
2. Chance factor - GALLAGHER, DIANA G.
Star Wars: Jedi Academy series
1. Jedi search  - ANDERSON, KEVIN J.
2. Dark apprentice  - ANDERSON, KEVIN J.
3. Champions of the force  - ANDERSON, KEVIN J.
The Academy series
1. The engines of God - MCDEVITT, JACK
2. Deepsix - MCDEVITT, JACK
3. Chindi - MCDEVITT, JACK
5. Odyssey - MCDEVITT, JACK
6. Cauldron - MCDEVITT, JACK
7. Starhawk - MCDEVITT, JACK
8. The long sunset - MCDEVITT, JACK
Thea Stilton: Mouseford Academy series
1. Drama at Mouseford - STILTON, THEA
2. The missing diary - STILTON, THEA
3. Mouselets in danger - STILTON, THEA
4. Dance challenge - STILTON, THEA
5. The secret invention - STILTON, THEA
6. A Mouseford musical - STILTON, THEA
Toy academy series
Vampire Academy series
1. Vampire Academy - MEAD, RICHELLE
2. Frostbite - MEAD, RICHELLE
3. Shadow kiss - MEAD, RICHELLE
4. Blood promise - MEAD, RICHELLE
5. Spirit bound - MEAD, RICHELLE
6. Last sacrifice - MEAD, RICHELLE
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